New features and updates in Today’s Plan

May 2019

Based on feedback and requests from our customers, we’ve recently added new functionality to our mobile apps and website.

In summary the new features are:

  • Enhancements to marking workouts as ‘complete’ (mobile apps)
  • Enhancements to the notifications functionality for athletes & coaches (mobile apps)
  • Run Pace analysis improvements (web)
  • Inbox enhancements (web)
  • Indicator for importance of scheduled workouts (web & app)
  • Ability to reorder multiple workouts on the same day in the calendar (web)
  • Runscribe metric support (web)
  • Calendar weather forecast – Accuweather (web & app)

Marking workouts as complete

We have changed the way you mark workouts as complete on our mobile apps; you now need to double tap on a workout to bring up the workout options. When the workout is marked as complete you will be taken directly to the manual entry screen, this allows you to make any adjustments to the workout fields. This new functionality simplifies the process and creates a cleaner visual.


Athlete’s will now receive notifications when a file is uploaded onto their account (both manually and automatically if being pulled from a third party), when they receive an inbox message from their coach (if applicable) and when a comment is left on an activity.

If an activity has received an achievement, the number of achievements will also be included in the notification.

For coaches, they will receive a notification when a file is uploaded to their account, but will not receive a notification when they get an inbox message to reduce overload of notifications.

Run pace analysis update

In the Analysis graph for running, we have inverted the y-axis for running (per requests from many of you!), so faster paces are shown at the top of the graph. This brings pace in line with other metrics such as power, where users are accustomed to seeing the faster/higher values at the top.

We have also updated the scaling of the y-axis to diminish the effects of slow speed spikes which can be recorded by devices. This makes it easier for users to see small variations in pace.


Older View


Updated View

Inbox visuals update

The inbox has been updated to more clearly show the information regarding all inbox messages/notices/notes. Each inbox line has an icon showing which type of message it is, the name of the athlete the message is from (if you are a coach) as well as the last person who replied to the message. This update also carries over into external inboxes, so now all email received regarding an inbox message/notice clearly show the athletes name in the subject.

Inbox Visuals

Indicator of Workout priorities

There is a new workout scheduling option which allows users to set a priority for each workout added to the calendar. The three priorities are:

  • Critical: “This is a critical activity and should not be missed”
  • Routine: “This is a routine activity. It is not absolutely essential to complete, but recommended”
  • Optional: “This is an optional activity. If you need to skip an activity this is the one to miss”

Workout priorities can be added as an option when dragging a workout into the calendar. Once the priority is set on the web, they will then be visible through both the web and mobile app. Each priority is outlined with a different border type so it is easy for the user to visualise what priority each workout has.

Workout Priorities

Workout ordering

We have updated the ordering of workouts as they appear in the calendar if there is more than one workout on a day. Now, when workouts are dragged into the calendar, the start times are automatically updated so that workouts stay in the order that they are dragged into the calendar on. There is also a new “workout reorder” button on each workout which allows you to reorder the workout up or down the specific day in the calendar.

Workout Ordering

RunScribe metric support

We have included support for the following RunScribe metrics across our platform: Contact Time, Impact, Braking, Footstrike, Pronation. These are available in the Activity graph, Activity summary and in various Panels on the Dashboard. For more information please visit our blog post on RunScribe Analytics.


Calendar weather forecast – Accuweather

Our new weather alert now includes a “feels like” temperature estimation for each day.


Other website updates

  • Coaches – setting custom zones
  • Coaching company settings – hex colour picker
  • Invite new athletes – email prefill
  • You can now leave comments with Emojis on their activities or include them in inbox messages
  • Updated visuals to the Weekly Summary email
  • Simplification of authorise screen for Lezyne users in iOS
  • Support for Japanese text characters
  • Improved elevation calculation and smoothing for non .fit files and .fit files that have elevation data edited
  • Removed current day’s activity from the “To date” selection on the peak power curve- makes it easier to see power PB’s
  • Update to Fitbit syncing to deal with time-zone differences causing data to be imported onto previous day
  • Change the event countdown to weeks when it is inside 4 months from the event
  • File reprocessing stability improvements and faster processing of files
  • Adjustment to interval length calculation for some file types
  • Update so that scheduled workouts already on the calendar will have interval targets updated if the users threshold value is changed
  • Update for max HR in weekly summary email
  • Update to file name display in peak power curve

Other App updates

  • You can now leave comments with Emojis on their activities or include them in inbox messages
  • Ability to view your current subscription and expiry date
  • Automatic transition to manual entry screen when a workout is manually marked as complete
  • Month header now automatically updates as you scroll through the calendar
  • Improved stability and performance when navigating to/from the calendar