How to setup third party connections

28 May 2021

In this article we will outline the steps to set up connections with your devices or third party apps if they are available. This will allow you to automatically upload your completed activities and in some cases sync your scheduled workouts for completion. Below is a full list of platforms we currently sync with and the type of syncing available:

Today's Plan Connections

Garmin Connection

Garmin Connect supports auto uploading of completed activities as well as scheduled workouts. To set this up, open your Today’s Plan account, click Account > Connections and click both the Garmin links under Incoming and Outgoing.
There are more configuration options available with the outgoing Garmin Connection, please click here for more information.

Wahoo Connection

Today’s Plan can directly sync with Wahoo devices, pushing across scheduled workouts from your Today’s Plan calendar and uploading your rides after they have been completed. This connection is set up through the Wahoo ELEMNT app on your phone.

Open the ELEMNT app, press Profile > Connected Apps > Today’s Plan and follow the instructions to authorise syncing with your Today’s Plan account. Scheduled workouts will then be synced across to your ELEMNT app and Wahoo headunit*, and any completed activities will be uploaded to Today’s Plan.

*You will need to sync your Wahoo headunit with the ELEMNT app to push the scheduled workouts across.

Polar Connection

A connection with Polar Flow can be set up to sync across your completed activities from Polar Flow. To set this up, open your Today’s Plan account, click Account > Connections and click the Connect button next to the Polar logo. Please note this will not sync any past activities.

Suunto Connection

You are able to set up a connection with the Suunto app to upload your completed activities. Please note this is not possible with your Movescount account, it needs to be a Suunto app/cloud account. The login details you need to use are the one you login to the Suunto app with, not the Movescount website (i.e. not the details you use to login here:

To set this up, open your Today’s Plan account, click Account > Connections and click the Connect button next to the Suunto logo. Please note this will not sync across any past activities.

Zwift ConnectionZwift supports auto uploading of completed activities as well as scheduled workouts. This is setup through the Zwift website. Go to, login with your Zwift account. Then click to Profile > Connections > Click connect underneath the Today’s Plan logo.

For more information on setting up the Zwift connection and syncing your workouts please click here.

Apple Watch Connection

Apple Watch users can use the HealthFit app to sync across their completed activities (swim, bike, run) and wellness data (resting HR, weight, etc) to Today’s Plan. This article outlines how to set that up in detail:

Lezyne Connection

If you own a Lezyne GPS device, you can connect it to your Today’s Plan account to automatically upload your completed activities and sync your scheduled workouts to your device for completion.

Firstly, download the Lezyne GPS Ally mobile app. Login to your Lezyne account, press the menu button in the top left of the app > App Settings > Today’s Plan Sync > Connect with Today’s Plan. Wait for the login screen to load and follow the prompts to authorise your account. Then close and re-open the Lezyne app, navigate back to the App Settings page and make sure the Today’s Plan Sync is selected.


FulGaz supports syncing of scheduled workouts for completion on their platform as well as automatic uploads back to Today’s Plan after your ride has finished. To set that up, login to your FulGaz account at > Preferences > Connect and click Login next to the Today’s Plan logo.

For instructions on how to complete your workouts on FulGaz see this video.

Golden Cheetah Connection

Golden Cheetah supports syncing of scheduled workouts from Today’s Plan and uploading of files to Today’s Plan. To set that up, open Golden Cheetah and click Share at the top > Add Cloud Account > Today’s Plan > Authorise > Login with your Today’s Plan account details.

Stryd Connection

We have the ability to connect with Stryd to get your running activities that contain power data. You can connect to Stryd through the PowerCenter website or the Stryd mobile app. 

  • Stryd PowerCenter website- Login to your Stryd account at Click “Settings” at the top of the site > “Connect” and scroll down to the Today’s Plan icon. 
  • Stryd mobile app- Open the Stryd mobile app and press the settings icon in the top right. Connected Accounts > Today’s Plan > Wait for the Today’s Plan login screen to load (don’t press Skip) and then login to your account to authorise the connection.

Transferring data from your pioneer head unit into Today’s Plan is a simple and automated process. Firstly you will need to log into your Pioneer Cyclosphere account, open up the Web Links section in Cyclosphere and authorise the connection with Today’s Plan. Any future rides you complete will be synced to your Today’s Plan account.

Form Connection

Today’s Plan users with FORM Smart Swim Goggles can now set up an automatic sync to have their swim activities auto-upload to their Today’s Plan account. FORM Smart Goggles measure and display metrics like split times, distance, and more—intelligently, as you swim. The see-through smart display is built right into the goggles lens, delivering metrics without obstructing your vision. 

To set up the connection with FORM, open the FORM Swim app > Press the account icon in the bottom right > Press the settings icon in the top right > External Services > Today’s Plan and authorise your Today’s Plan account.

If you use a Magellan or Mio cycling computer, you can enable your MagellanCyclo account to automatically synchronise your data files into Today’s Plan. For those with a Cyclo 505, you can configure it to automatically upload your data files via WiFi – and these files can be automatically pushed into Today’s Plan – no cables! To enable this, log into MagellanCyclo, Select the drop down menu by clicking on your name (top right hand corner) > Account > Synchronisation Settings > Link my account> Enter your Today’s Plan email and password.

You can link your Today’s Plan account to your SRM PC8 to allow for automatic uploading of rides to your Today’s Plan account. To do this, plug in your SRM PC8 to your computer, and open up the SRM Desktop Agent. Under Settings select Upload and click the Connect with Today’s Plan button. Then follow the prompts to authorise your account. Then save your settings to the PC8.

When you next complete a ride, the upload screen will send the ride to our platform if your PC8 device is connected to WiFi.

You can link your account at The Sufferfest to Today’s Plan to automatically upload your completed rides. Please note this does not allow syncing of scheduled workouts on your Today’s Plan Calendar to the Sufferfest app.

To link the accounts, open The Sufferfest mobile app, click Settings > Link Services select the Today’s Plan option and follow the prompts to authorise your account. The same can be done using The Sufferfest desktop app.

After linking the platforms, any rides completed on The Sufferfest will automatically be uploaded to Today’s Plan.

PowerTap Connection

You can establish a connection with the PowerAgent desktop app to upload your completed activities from your PowerTap device. To do that, open PowerAgent and click the Edit User icon > Cloud Services > Today’s Plan > Authorize.

Bryton Connection

This connection enables users of Bryton cycling computers to connect to Today’s Plan and automatically upload completed rides to their Today’s Plan account. 

This connection is set up through the Bryton Active mobile app. Simply press to Profile > 3rd party account link > Today’s Plan > turn on auto-sync which will take you through steps to authorize your Today’s Plan account. Only rides completed in the future will sync to Today’s Plan, historical data will not sync.

Don’t see your device listed (e.g TrainerRoad)?

The platforms detailed above all have direct syncs with Today’s Plan. But it is still possible to sync with platforms like TrainerRoad and Coros using a third party service called FitnessSyncer. Fitness syncer acts as a bridge between Today’s Plan and other third parties who don’t have a direct sync. 

If you have a device that syncs to Strava, you will be able to use FitnessSyncer to get your future completed activities over to Today’s Plan. See our article on FitnessSyncer for more details.

Future connections

We are continually looking to add to our list of connected third party systems. Today’s Plan has an API that allows third party services to link in and set up these connections, but it requires development work from the third party. If you have a platform that you would like to link in which is not currently supported we suggest you contact their support team and let them know you would like to be able to sync with Today’s Plan. We are able to provide them the necessary documentation to get third party services linked into our API.