Major app update

30 March 2020

A recent update to the Today’s Plan mobile app is now available on iOS and Android. This update includes a range of changes to improve the look, feel and performance of the app. In this blog post we outline the main improvements and show you where the new functionality is located. The key improvements are:

  • New calendar view
  • Refreshed inbox closely matching the desktop website
  • Updated Dashboards with new default metrics
  • Architecture improvement to enhance capacity for new features

New day view

The app will open onto the redesigned calendar screen displaying only the current day’s activities which improves the loading speed. The horizontal scrolling day picker allows you to select a different day, or click the calendar icon to the right to choose any date. The calendar icon on the left hand side will return you to the current day.

App update

Workout and day options

In response to user feedback from the previous app which required a double tap on a workout to mark as complete, we have moved that function to the options icon on a workout. In that menu you can also move a workout to a different day or delete it. The menu icon in the bottom right allows you to add a rest day, record a manual activity, submit your day metrics (previous days only), or find a workout (future days only). Finally there are the settings which allow configuration of the calendar preferences (show sleep, show steps, show weather forecast, etc).

App update

Calendar and inbox

At the bottom of the app there are now 3 tabs- Dashboard, Calendar and Inbox. The Dashboard has new default metrics set to cover a broader range of information, but these can be adjusted by pressing the cog icon in the top right > Manage fields. Remember that it’s not just basic metrics such as distance, duration, etc; you can select to view your load data (CTL, ATL, TSB), peak powers/heart rates/paces, weight and wellness information amongst others.

The inbox has major visual changes as well. It now more closely mirrors the inbox on the desktop site by having one stream of items instead of splitting into messages, notes and notices. The number counter overlaid on top of the inbox tab shows the number of unread messages from the last 14 days.

App update

Athlete picker

The new calendar view also makes it easier for coaches to manage their athletes training on the app. Coaches can select to view the calendar of any athlete to show completed training or add workouts/rest days to their athletes calendars.

App update

Finally, a key improvement to this update is an improved architecture to support new feature inclusion down the track. This opens up more possibilities for new features and increased functionality as we look to make the mobile app more powerful in the future. If you have any questions regarding the mobile app, feel free to contact our support team at for assistance.