Train Like Trek-Segafredo — 2-minute overview

What does it include?

Immerse yourself into the world of a pro tour team with Train Like Trek-Segafredo. Use the training tools that the team uses; complete with training plans, structured workouts and performance tracking dashboards. This is all supported with videos from riders, coaches & DS’s giving you essential workout information and invaluable tips and tricks from a pro cycling team.

The program is suitable for a range of riders, from beginners undertaking their first Gran Fondo, through to serious racers.

One of the biggest strengths of using Train Like Trek-Segafredo, I would say, is it can make numbers easy. It turns a lot of data and numbers into information.

Mattias Reck – Trainer, Trek-Segafredo


Training Calendar & Dashboard

Upload your data and measure your progress through an extensive range of intuitive analytic tools that have been set up by the team at Trek-Segafredo. Whether you train with heart rate, power or both, Train Like Trek-Segafredo helps you to get the most out of your riding, training and racing.

Connect your wearables data from popular brands such as Garmin, Fitbit and Under Armour so you can see a complete picture of your wellbeing and performance in one place.

The way in which we have set up the Trek-Segafredo dashboard, you can easily analyse your work and performance.

Josu Larrazabal – Head of Performance, Trek-Segafredo

Train like Trek-Segafredo calendar

Video library

Each training session includes a detailed video from a Trek-Segafredo rider or trainer detailing the session, how you should feel and the purpose of the session.

On rest days you will be sent tips and tricks from pro riders and coaches, helping you get the edge you need to consistently improve your performance. Whether you are aiming to improve your race position or need that slight edge to win the town line sprint on the weekend, these tips will provide you with invaluable information.

Video Content

Training Plans

Choose an eight or twelve week subscription to access the below plans. Or sign up for twelve months and receive unlimited Trek-Segafredo plans for an entire year. Each day’s structured workouts are emailed to you, or you can access them via the Train Like Trek-Segafredo site, or mobile app. Each workout has a supporting video from riders, coaches or directeurs sportifs explaining the session, or providing some tips and tricks.

  • General Fitness plan (8 weeks – beginner)
  • Classics/Gran Fondo plan (8 weeks – beginner)
  • Threshold builder plan (8 weeks – intermediate)
  • Sprint plan (8 weeks – intermediate)
  • Sprint plan (8 weeks – advanced)
  • Classics/Gran Fondo plan (12 weeks – intermediate)
  • Classics/Gran Fondo plan (12 weeks – advanced)

Train like Trek-Segafredo plans

Try it for Free – 7 day example plan

Sign up to Train Like Trek-Segafredo and receive a free 7-day sample plan that gives you complete access to the entire Train Like Trek-Segafredo training environment for the duration of the plan.

Existing Today’s Plan Customers

If you are an existing Today’s Plan user and are interested in upgrading to Train Like Trek-Segafredo please get in touch with our support team.