Using the Workout Builder for Zwift

14 March 2019

Today’s Plan has direct sync functionality with Zwift to allow scheduled workouts to be completed on Zwift in Workout mode, and for completed activities to be automatically uploaded to your Today’s Plan account. This document outlines the programming functionality in the Today’s Plan workout builder to get the most out of Zwift workouts.

Ramped warm-up/cool-down

The first and last interval of a workout will have a ramp automatically applied to it. The ramp will start at the low power target and finish at the high power target. In the example below, the workout starts with a ramp up from zone 1 to 2.5, and finishes with a ramp down from zone 2.5 to zone 1.

Workout builder with Zwift

Free ride intervals

You are able to build intervals that put Zwift into free ride mode, removing any power targets and allowing the rider to ride at their own wattage. To do this, you need to leave the power target blank for that interval. Please note- this does not work for the rest periods. All rest periods need to have a power target (at least zone 1.0) for the interval repeats to work correctly. Below is an example of a Threshold test created with a free ride interval for the 20 minute test section, allowing the athlete to ride freely at their chosen output.

Workout Builder with Zwift

Workout Builder with Zwift

Using free ride intervals can also be useful for shorter duration repeated efforts (<30 seconds), such as 30 seconds on, 30 seconds off. This is because ERG mode on some trainers has a delay and  can often struggle to lock into a wattage target at higher outputs. Therefore it can be useful to drop into free ride mode for the 30 second effort, and then go back to a low recovery power target for the rest period.

Power targets

If an interval has a power target range on Today’s Plan, for example 200-250 watts, Zwift will hold the rider to the middle value between those targets (in this case 225 watts). If you have workouts with large range power targets (this is common for workouts made for the road) it may be useful to adjust those to have a smaller range to hold the rider at a more precise power target. If you want to enter one specific value as a power target, you can enter the same value as the upper and lower target in the Today’s Plan workout builder.

Workout Builder with Zwift

Cadence targets

Zwift will display the cadence targets for an interval just below the power targets. Similar to power, if you enter the cadence target as a range in the Today’s Plan workout builder, it will take the middle value.

Workout Builder with Zwift

Workout Builder with Zwift

Outer intervals with shorter inner intervals

If you have a session with an outer interval and the inner intervals don’t add up to the duration of the outer interval, the left over duration will be split before and after the sub interval portion. For example, the ride below has a main set of 2 hours at zone 2, with a tempo block of 30 minutes as an inner interval. When loaded into the Zwift, the inner interval duration is taken away from the outer interval duration (2 hours minus 30 minutes) and is split to either side of the inner interval portion. So the workout ends up with 45 minutes zone 2, 30 minutes of tempo (the inner interval) and then 45 minutes zone 2 to finish off.

Workout Builder with Zwift

Workout Builder with Zwift

Interval repeats without a rest period

Please ensure that if an interval has a number of repeats that you define a rest period for that interval. If no rest period is set, Zwift will not repeat the interval. For example, if you set 3×10 minute intervals with no rest period defined, only 1×10 minute interval will appear. If you add a short rest period to that interval e.g. 30 seconds at zone 1, then the intervals will repeat correctly.

Hopefully you can use this information to create more flexible and interesting workouts for use with Zwift.

If you would like more information on setting up auto sync functionality with Zwift, login to your Today’s Plan account and paste this URL into your browser:

If you would like more information on how to use the Today’s Plan workout builder in general, please watch our Workouts Masterclass video.